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Don’t Be Afraid to Buy a Home
When it comes to impediments blocking a prospective buyer’s path to homeownership, cold hard facts like the inability to afford a mortgage aren’t easily surmounted. Fears born out of misconceptions, confusion or lack of information can also prematurely derail the home purchasing...Posted On: 04/26/2017
Tips to Finance Prefab
Building a prefabricated home requires a separate land purchase, which can often be found through the help of a real estate agent. Many prefab builders have agents that are familiar with the process, to which they can refer buyers. Some builders also have pre-existing relationships with...Posted On: 04/12/2017
Need a Bigger Loan? There’s a Bank for That
Conforming loan limits increased for the first time in more than a decade due to an increase in housing prices and home values nationally and to adjust for inflation. “The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 restricted government-sponsored enterprises like Freddie Mac and Fannie...Posted On: 03/15/2017
Appraisal Values Lag
For the second month in a row, homeowners found a gap between their estimates for their homes’ value and appraiser’s opinions. Numbers from Quicken Loans’ National Home Price Perception Index showed average appraisals were 1.47 percent lower than homeowner estimates in...Posted On: 02/22/2017
6 Rules for Today’s Buyers
Whether you’re a first-time buyer or ready to trade-up, Ilyce Glink, author of “100 Questions Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Ask, 3rd Ed.” (Three Rivers Press, 2014), offers these must-follow rules for buying a home in today’s market: 1. Understand the relationship...Posted On: 02/15/2017
Time for Taxes
Some of the most important tax write-offs available exclusively to those who own homes (including, in many cases, vacation or second homes) are: • Mortgage and home loan interest deductibility. You can deduct the interest on a mortgage of up to $1 million used to purchase a home, as well...Posted On: 02/08/2017
Fed Red Flag
For only the second time since 2006, the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by a quarter percentage point last December and also forecast three possible further rate increases in 2017 – likely causing many to rethink their New Year’s resolutions to buy, sell, or refinance...Posted On: 02/01/2017
So You Want To Be My Realtor?
No matter the size of the market in which a prospective buyer is looking, there will several choices when it comes to selecting a realtor. Just as no two buyers are exactly alike, realtors offer different skills, working styles and levels of commitment. Here’s what you need to know before...Posted On: 01/25/2017
Refinancing? Watch for Hidden Fees
When homeowners refinance their homes, their lender provides them with a HUD-1 Settlement Statement. By law, this standardized form itemizes the services provided by the lender and any associated fees. Many lenders point to this form as proof that the rates they offer contain “no hidden...Posted On: 01/18/2017
2017 to See Modest Sale Growth
While existing-home sales are expected to rise slightly in 2017, such gains are expected to be small due to rising mortgage rates and low consumer confidence. Those are the findings of a new consumer survey and 2017 housing forecast from the National Association of Realtors. In the Housing...Posted On: 01/11/2017

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